Who Doesn’t Love Instagram?

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What is great about Instagram is the simplicity. We are in a day and age where technology is becoming more and more advance, along with the procedure to keep up with this technology. Instagram is, in my opinion, one of the easiest applications to use because everything is so simple. The concept is to take pictures, post pictures, and follow people whose pictures you would like to see.

In the blog How Instagram Makes Communities Better, by Christopher Ryan, it explains the underlying abilities of this simple application. The first point he made which caught my attention was how Instagram does not have a web page. The explanation is because we are so used to mobility these days, there is no use for an actual web page. I totally support this decision by this company because I think if people could upload pictures from their computer, you would lose the ‘Insta’ in Instagram. What I mean is that people would be more prone to use Photoshop, and whatever else they find on the internet and I just feel like it wouldn’t have the same feeling.

I also liked how Ryan really went in to depth with every aspect of Instagram. From the uses of captions to help tell the picture, to letting the picture speak for itself. Instagram is really taking small ‘instants’ of time and letting them live forever in this app. The aspect that creates better communities is the ability to share these instants. You can share whatever you upload on to many of your other social media platforms. This aspect of Instagram is important because business’ are able to weave that picture into their other social media sites to create more appealing content. I think this is important because the pictures a company posts on their Instagram seem to speak a lot about them. Some even do giveaways to people who repost a certain picture or post pictures wearing their brand/merch. I’ve recent won a Zox strap through one of these contests. I mention this because it proves a point.

People not only like to see new product, but they like to see the faces behind the product. They like to choose which pair of shoes should be dropped first, or which t-shirt design looks better. Instagram can add to almost any type of business as well. Being in graphic design, I have no idea what I want to do, but I feel like Instagram could be important because it allows people to see the business as people just like them. It adds a more relatable aspect depending on the content created through this app. I feel like there are so many possibilities, and this application is vital to a lot of business and business people.


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