Entrepreneur Apocalypse

shark tank

Shark Tank has become one of my favorite shows.

Not only do I love sharks (which have nothing to do with the show), but I’ve come to some types of self discovery through watching entrepreneurs put themselves out there in front of these sharks.

This show basically picks entrepreneurs to come in front of multimillionaire investors seeking investments from them in their business. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people whose ideas make you laugh out loud, but I’ve come to the discovery that even those who do not get an investment are still as successful as those who do. Let me justify this statement. To be an entrepreneur, is to basically create your own business or product, and to be responsible for the success and failure of this creation. The success I’ve seen through this show is that even when a product or business is not invested in, the entrepreneur never gives up. Some are so confident in their product/business to the point of fault.

I strive to take such pride and confidence in myself one day, to the point where I am able to be a successful entrepreneur with my own business. Whether that be in graphic design, or a different aspect of my life that I am passionate about. Being that my favorite animal is the shark, I strive become a shark in the ocean of life. I want people to be in awe when they see me and what I am capable of. Most importantly, I want to be able to pridefully take responsibility for my success and failures. I think the most important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur is taking pride and having confidence in your product, despite the criticism from others.

I have yet to see one entrepreneur that has been shot down easily by the sharks in this show. I find that to be inspiring. One day, I hope to be able to be as confident in my work as these people. Entrepreneurs are starting to take over the world, one creation or business at a time. I believe that it is one of the most powerful jobs to have because you are not only in control but also responsible for huge decisions regarding the business you have created. It’s something that you must not only work towards financially and intellectually, but you must be a strong person with a headstrong mentality. I’ve come to the conclusion that, although I have a lot to work on, I’m ready to learn how to swim with the sharks.


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