Is Creativity Really Creative These Days?

Right now creativity is a huge part of my studies. From creating art with paints to creating art with words, I basically bleed creativity. But what Chuck Kent has brought to my attention is the me-too in content creation in the blog post Creativity vs. Me-too Content Creation. What this is, is the stealing of a certain “formula” to forge creative content. A simple an easy example are memes. Although the actual meme may be witty and relate to the content of your business, it’s an unoriginal and uncreative fix to true creativity.

blog meme

In this post, he talks with writer Jason Konopinski about what creativity is and the current way it is being used in not only marketing, but in general. The statement from Konopinski that caught my attention most was “Marketers are a tricky lot. We really try to look at creativity and take the path of least resistance, try to replicate the success of others and how figure [that] out in terms of a formula – but that runs contrary to really what creativity is”. I’ve noticed more and more how trends have been used over and over just because they work. This may be great for a while but then becomes overplayed and annoying. This is where it basically where it has come from who can create the best content to who can do it better. Who can create the better meme, who can make the best copy of another piece of content.

It’s interesting how much creative content is taken from another. I too find myself in the same boat as everyone else trying to create creative content. The problem is that something so creative can be redone so much it becomes “another one of those memes” or “another one of those vine remakes”. No matter how creative an idea, it will always be a race to who can do it better. To be successful, you have to continuously be creating content that is different, instead of stealing other content ideas. I feel like being the content that is replicated is a goal, because it shows that what you’re creating is successful enough for others to replicate in order to be as successful as you. Fresh content will never go out of style as fast as over used, replicated, remakes of successful content.


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