My Name is Who? My Audience is What?

Untitled design

Potential audiences want to interact with online are mostly bloggers who share my sense of humor, and who enjoy visually stimulating and interactive posts. I see myself posting not only business content but also relatable content or content I find funny.

It is important because I want to put a part of my personality in whatever audience I am talking to. I see my audience being closer to my age because of my humor and references I like to make.

This is important to my future because I want to create a brand for myself where I have defined who I am, what my goals are, and what I am capable of. My goals include to not only expand my personal brand, but to network and create relationships.

I would also like to interact with an audience that is able to give me feedback and allow me to learn from them. I want people who stumble upon my content to be able to relate as well. My main focus is for people to be able to relate to my content, and my main audience to take from my content.

It’s hard to imagine what my future will look like or if my targeted audience will narrow or expand but for right now my goals are to produce content that I am passionate about, and that I myself relate to. I want to be able to post my opinions, interests, and comments on other content and have my audience find it interesting and or helpful. The reason I say that I want to connect with an audience around my age is because I tend to reference popular trends, people, and what’s new. No offense to my elders but most of them have no idea what Tumblr is, and that’s a huge part of my personal brand right now. Overall, I would say my goal is to interact with others who have the same goals, while slowly learning how to build my own brand. I’m quite new to these social media scene but I feel well prepared to start in the right direction.


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