All of my life I’ve gone by the name Rii, short for Rianna, yes like the singer. I’ve also been told what a unique and creative name that is.

Like my name, I tend to be super creative in one way or another. I also blame my creativity on the fact that my room is more of an art piece rather than a clean sanctuary. I mean all I do is sleep and watch Netflix in there anways?

Creativity This concept is not only relevant to my future, but me as a person. Everything I do is geared toward who I am, and I am a creative person. I’ve come to notice the differences between how more creative people see the world and less creative people see the world. Even in little things, it stands out. My roommate might not understand why I stress about the littlest details in my drawing when it looks “fine” or why an idea isn’t just good enough. I’ve also observed that creativity sets an observational spark. I see the concept of art in almost everything I do, from helping my Nina load boxes in to a U-Haul to placing foods on the table for dinner. It’s basically a concept I carry throughout my every day life.

I found a blog post that basically embodies the life in a creative persons shoes. It’s humorous, yet true. I continually find myself daydreaming, loving and hating my art work at the same time, observing the strangest things, and falling in love with things and people every day. Creativity can be linked to every part of who I am.

It is also important to my future because I need to be able to express my creativity in work I do. I can’t see myself sitting in an office typing up legal documents or arresting people on the street. I see myself being able to express my creativity whenever it strikes, being able to fit daydreaming in to my busy work schedule, and being surrounded by people who have the same goals as I do. It’s also important because my goals involve my creativity. Graphic design and social media both involve creativity in different ways, and if I don’t end up in one of those fields, I know I will end up using my creativity in another way.


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