Bore No More!

I’ve always been a bit more artistic than the average Joe. I’m sure no Picasso, but the concept of art has always been in my favor. This is what has helped me to take steps to figuring out what I want to do in the future. My somewhat decent drawings and pretty good abstract paintings have helped me conclude that graphic design fulfills my interests, at least for now. But at times, even I feel like I can’t hit that artist note that some projects demand. That’s why I’ve found this blog post Five Must-Have Free Visual Marketing Tools by Jess Ostroff to be quite useful.

The tools she gives had me playing around for at least 15 minutes because they are so basic yet very helpful for those who don’t have extravagant programs to make cool art or for other tools that may help in the graphic design world. Canva, Picmonkey, Skitch, and Recite This. These are great websites that I’m so happy to have discovered, especially since they are free. These websites have more to do with creating and editing pictures.

Here’s an example of what I made in about 5 minutes on Canva.

Canva was by far my favorite because I was able to create a graphic completely free with nothing but the program. I didn’t have to upload any pictures, or pay. Of course there are a lot of options to buy certain graphics but you also have the option where you can upload something of your own. Find this website alone was completely helpful along with the others.

The websites DataHero and WhatTheFont also are huge bonus’ to the graphic design world. DataHero was fun to play around with and see different data I found. As for WhatTheFont would come in handy in those instances where you fall in love with a font and you have no idea what it’s called or how to get it.

These tools are great for not only beginners, but anyone since they are so easy and seem to create high quality product. Since I’m barely getting my foot in the door with graphic design, these websites seem like they are just what I need to become successful. These programs create tools that produce eye-catching results and that’s important in the fast paced, competitive, world of graphic design.

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