What’s So Special About Music?

We all have those songs that we listen to when we’re sad, that only amplify the pain and somehow comfort us in a way no person can. But we also have those songs that we listen to when we’re driving with our friends and it seems like life couldn’t get any better. What’s so special about that? It’s the fact that music can have this impact on our lives. It can bring emotional comfort or pain, which can correspond to physical responses such as crying, smiling, laughter, and dancing.

In the video above, a mothers child reacts to her singing with tears. Although the baby can’t express in words what she is feeling, the music has caused an emotional and physical response. It’s amazing to think about how a combination of music notes and words can cause such an emotional response from our brain.

This video is more humorous and I found myself smiling and laughing when listening to the song they made up. It may not have a deep emotional meaning but it’s a song that can make you laugh for a second and forget something bad that might be going on in your life.

The point is that music is a way to express yourself wether you make the music or not. It’s an escape. The first video was an example of the deep emotional connection our brains have with music and the second video was and example of the lighter, humorous ways that music affects us. Both consume your mind so that you’re focused mostly on the music and how you feel when listening to it, wether your body’s response was voluntary or involuntary.

Music is also universal. A song will always affect someone, even by simply not liking the song or not. Our emotional state also has to do with how our brains respond to this music. If you listen to a sad song when you’re sad, you’ll be more likely to feel the emotions of the song and maybe even cry. If you’re in a happy state and a sad song comes on, it can often trigger something emotional or your response is that you don’t relate to the song at the moment and you listen to happier music. Overall, music has a really complex relationship with our brain that’s so intriguing to test out.

Music suggestion of the week: This week, try paying more attention to how you feel when listening to music, and the type of music you listen to in different environments. If you’re feeling sad, or more mellow, try listening to Lana Del Rey or Sam Smith. Even if you’re happy, listen to this music and observe how it affects your mood.

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