Mayday, Mayday..

20140617_194427Parade. Yes, a parade of mayday. Or as normal people refer to this band: Mayday Parade. They are my favorite set of 5 men put together to vocally, lyrically, and instrumentally create music that never fails to be exceptional. Yes, yes, they look like one of those typical “why are they so old and wearing tight pants” boy bands, but they aren’t. Mayday Parade have a song for everyone out there. Like I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for lyrics, and they have songs that just hit the spot when you’re in certain moods. They also sound AMAZING acoustic, and who doesn’t love a good acoustic song? They’re mostly an alternative band with some pop punk covers (which are my favorite).

The talented men who make up this band are lead singer and piano player Derek Sanders, lead guitar Alex Garcia, bass Jeremy Lenzo, drum player Jake Bundrick, and rhythm guitar Brooks Betts. I’ve had the privilege of meeting these guys and they’re so down to earth it really makes me happy to enjoy their music so much.

Mayday Parade started in 2005, and let’s not kid ourselves, we’re old and that was a long time ago. It’s amazing how a band that’s not mainstream or on the radio can survive this long. It’s not only the support of true fans, like myself, but the artists themselves. It’s their music, lyrics, interactions, and themselves that have allowed them to come this far and it makes me happy that they are still able and motivated to keep making music.

Music suggestion of the week: Mayday Parade has a range of songs from slow and heartbreaking like Miserable at Best or Terrible Things to more upbeat songs like Ghost and Jamie All Over. My favorite songs by them are Three Cheers for Five Years, Hold Onto Me, and Stay.

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