I’m Glad I Didn’t Die Before I Heard You


Bright Eyes

The first time I listened to Connor Obersts’ voice I knew there was something different about his music. I’ll cut to the chase, you can feel every emotion in his voice as his sings lyrics that pull at your heart strings in every direction. Although the songs he sings aren’t all meant to be sad, his voice has this somber feel to it. The music paired with his voice creates for more than just a song, but an experience. This is why I love Bright Eyes so much, because of all the feeling behind each song. What makes Bright Eyes different from other bands I’ve mentioned would have to be Obersts’ distinct vocals.

It’s not only the content of their songs that draw me in, but the experience of listening to their songs. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve layed in bed for a day or two listening to these songs embracing the sadness upon me at the time. But that is what is so great about this music, even the happiest of songs can feel so sad. Personally, I love the emotion of sadness. It’s such a powerful emotion and this music just goes so perfectly with it.

All their music has this raw sound which matches their raw metaphorical lyrics. Some of the songs are pretty weird saying things like “I was living in a devil town, I didn’t know it was a devil town… all my friends were vampires, I didn’t know they were vampires” from the song Devil Town. His songs are really interpretive but also straight to the point which I enjoy. Another song I like is At the Bottom of Everything, which is a song that tells a story for the first minute and a half then leads into the song. I find everything about Bright eyes intriguing, from the song concepts, to the instruments, and of course the vocals.

Music suggestion of the week: Along with the above songs, First Day of My Life has been featured on the radio, Landlock Blues, and Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved) are some great songs with lyrics I love. A song that stuck with me through those tough times is Bowl of Oranges for some reason. I hope you enjoy them!

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