Son who? SONREAL.

sonreal 1

Thanks to social media, I was able to see such an amazing rapper and performer by the name of Sonreal this past Tuesday. Most people have never heard of him, heck there were only about 50 people at the concert, but let me say that this experience was one of the best I’ve ever had with an artist.

It all started Tuesday when my friend told me about a concert she was going to attend. I looked up who was performing and it was none other than Sonreal. I was devastated because I had class until 8 and I wouldn’t be able to scrape up the money for a ticket. So I, being the social media maniac I am, had to tweet about it, and of course mention him.

I had gotten to my drawing class when I recieved a notification from twitter. I glanced at it to see that Sonreal had favorited the tweet; Which wasn’t unlikely because he’s really interactive with his followers. But what came next made my whole entire week. I got a reply from him saying “Tweet me ur name, I’ll guest list you”.

Not only was that exciting, but his concert was phenomenal. Although there weren’t many people, he still gave his all and was really genuine about how thankful he is for our support and for the simple fact we were there to listen to him. He is one of the best performers I have ever gotten the privilege to meet. If that wasn’t enough, he gave everyone his new cd and hung out after the show to sign and meet everyone.

Naturally, I go and stand in line with my friends who were now in love with him just as much as me. I was hesitant to tell him thanks for getting me in to his show but I wasn’t sure if it was his people who did that for him. I told him how much his music has helped me recently and he asked my name for the autograph. Once I told him, he got super excited because he recognized my name and told me how happy he was that he got to meet me and he was glad I could make. It was AMAZING.

He is so down to earth and genuine that it only adds to how incredible his music is. I had first seen him over the summer when attending a Grieves concert and it was his performance, energy, and lyrics that had drawn me in. His music has so much meaning and sounds awesome. He’s become one of my favorite artists over such a little amount of time not only because of his music but because of his interactions with his fans.


I thought it was really cool and a perfect example of how social media plays a role with businesses, even the music business. He gained two new fans (my friends) and only improved my relationship with him and his music. He has made such a huge impact on me that I’m sharing it with you today, which proves he’s doing something right.

Music suggestion of the week: Sonreal, of course. Listen for yourself: L.A., EpicUp Up Up, Honor Roll.

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