Taylor.. Swift?


Taylor Swift. The girl who’s recently been shaking it up everywhere she goes and getting judged for it. I will admit, she is one of my unguilty pleasures. I not only enjoy her music, but I enjoy her as a person. I personally think she’s judged too harshly on her songs. I mean, who cares if she writes about heartbreak and love. Heck, if I had to write about something that’s probably the one thing I would be able to write a song about. What appeals to me most about Ms. Swift is the fact she hasn’t given in to that pressure all the celebrities seem to give in to. Meaning, she hasnt’ gone crazy.. yet.

Her music ranges from feel good songs like 22 to some songs like Begin Again where you can just feel the emotions that make you want to curl up in a burrito of blankets. All of her songs tend to have feelings that I have been able to relate to at some point in my life. I remember when her last album titled Red came out and I laid in bed listening to it for hours. The reason her music gets judged so harshly is because people don’t take in to consideration the actual feelings behind her songs. I think a song is better with meaning than just one saying “Ass ass ass ass ass ass”. Of course not everyone is going to love her as much as I do but let’s give some credit where credit is due. She’s an extremely talented, beautiful, and nice all around person.

In her newest song Shake It Off, she’s really setting a great example for kids and people in general. I think it’s towards all the hate she gets for being her, especially since people have been making fun of her dancing recently. She’s basically saying F U to everyone judging her, which is a really brave move. Of course there has been criticism on how she’s discriminating, and other absurd things but really, Ms. Swift is just being herself and letting everyone know that she’s just shaking it off. I have a lot of respect for her because of that.

Music suggestion of the week: All the songs above are amazing, along with her old stuff like Picture to Burn, I Almost Do, and Mean.

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