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The moment you buy tickets for a concert there is an automatic countdown throughout your body just building to that release of all the concert feelsOne very particular concert I still get the concert feels from was by one band whose music I had no appeal to at first. Pierce The Veil.

Pierce the Veil is a post-hardcore band from San Diego. Yes, I did just say post-hardcore. Now if I were you, I’d stop reading there because who listens to that screamo scary music anymore, right? I’d like to give defense to one of my all time favorite bands while explaining this thing I keep referring to as the feels.

I bought my ticket to see Pierce The Veil out of spontaneity. I had never seen them in person and figured it would be a cool experience. As I waited in line all day, I was nervous. Not only nervous to see this band in concert but because I had never really been in a post-hardcore situation alone. Once in the venue, it was becoming real.

The nervousness in my stomach was like butterflies that needed to be let out. The energy of each person bounces from body to body as the opening bands play. But after an hour it was time. The room went dark and the first guitar chord was played. The vibes in the room totally changed. I could feel the energy flowing through and off of the bodies next to me along with the lingering sound from the guitar. It was an overwhelming feeling and I remember staring in awe at this band come out with such power to create whatever was going on inside of me. With each song, i fell more in love with them. There was one moment, when the crowd sang the lyrics to a song. Each person was in harmony with one another and it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced at a concert. The connection between the musicians, the crowd, and myself was insane.

After the concert was over, I realized that this experience has caused me to be head over heels with their music. It also made me think of how experiencing the music in person has an effect on people. There’s a different kind of feel and rush you get when you have to await the anticipation of hearing live music. It’s a completely unexplainable type of “feels” that can really only be experienced and not just told through a blog post. This post altogether is giving me the post concert nostalgic feels which only proves how powerful these emotions caused by music are.

Music suggestion of the week: Pierce the Veil. Again, they’re a post-hardcore band whom I thoroughly enjoy. They aren’t completely screamo at all. They have some acoustic, softer songs and maybe only one or two that have some hardcore screaming. I love Kissing in Cars (it’s an acoustic song), Bulletproof Love, Hold on Til May, & Caraphernelia.

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