Atmosphere, and maybe you don’t like them..


One of the best, and my favorite, rappers goes by the name of Slug. He is a lyrical genius who is partnered with a DJ master by the name of Ant. These two started once upon a time in Minneapolis, (please note my subtle lyric references), in the year of 1989. From the first time I heard one of their most popular songs, God Loves Ugly, I was addicted to this hip hop group who intrigued me with their lyrics and sound. What I feel is different between Slug and other “mainstream” rappers is the content of the songs and the connection people make to the music. For example:

Anaconda by Nicki Minaj                        vs.                     God Loves Ugly by Atmosphere

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.18.07 AM                   Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.19.21 AM

Personally, I feel like Slugs raps have more depth and personal meaning that others can interpret in the same or different ways. What connects me to Atmospheres music so much is that it’s relatable to my life. Of course I like to sing to my guilty pleasure songs that have no relevance or influence on my every day life, like “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”- Sir Mix A Lot, but I fall in love with meanings of the songs I listen to. I appreciate the personal aspect of Slugs raps as well; They’re demonstrated in songs like Yesterday and She’s Enough. While listening to these songs, and many others, I feel like I’m looking in to moments of Slugs life, love, stress, and setbacks.

Although lyrics are one of the more important aspects I look for in music, I also have to love the sound. Ant’s production of the actual music for Slugs’ lyrics is perfect. And by perfect, I mean that it sets the tone for each song in the best way I could imagine. It’s important to have good music to go along with the lyrics because they are each equally important and one would not, could not, succeed without the other.

I respect the fact that Slug and Ant may not be the biggest hip hop artist, they may not be number one on Itunes world wide, but they still continue to put their all in to making music for the people who listen and love it. They have so much passion and love for what they create and I know that’s why they are able to create the feelings they do when people like me listen to their music.

Music suggestion of the week: Some songs I enjoy most by Atmosphere are God’s Bathroom FloorHair, Sunshine, and Don’t Forget. They each have a different message and sound. I hope you enjoy if you didn’t already know about them!

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