What do you mean you have Atmosphere and Miley Cyrus on the same Ipod?

Lady’s and Gentleman, I’m about to tell you something that may blow your mind. Some say I’m an insult to music listeners everywhere and some say it’s okay to have your guilty pleasures. As for me, I’m not guilty about any of these pleasures and I’m not afraid to admit this:

I love Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Ariana Grande, and other members of mainstream music that some find atrocious.

That’s it. I said it. But give me a chance to explain before you leave and shuffle your iPod on Lana Del Rey or Atmosphere playlist.

You see, that is only one side of my impeccable music taste. Yes, impeccable (of course I have used the word impeccable in the sense that I love the music I listen to, therefore, I feel as though my music taste is amazing). I couldn’t even begin to name the bands and artist I love because then I would have summed this whole blog up in one novel of a post . Throughout this blog I’ll be talking about some of my favorite artists, bands, experiences, and about music in general. My music taste is an abundance of almost every genre. Okay, that may be a lie because I’m not that sophisticated but you get the idea.

Music is not just something I use to fill in the silence during the day, but has much more meaning and creates physical and emotional feelings in not only me but others as well. Through my own research and personal experience, I’ve learned that music effects us more than we know and it actually helps individuals in distinct ways. First of all, music creates physical feelings that I’ll bring up in many blog posts. Second, music creates emotions and feelings that we can all relate to, wether it be over-joyed, depressed, or even annoyed.

In the end, music is a passion of mine; although my singing doesn’t compare to the winners of American Idol and my abilities to play instruments won’t get recognized on America’s Got Talent, it’s something that makes me feel and is sometimes the only way I can express how I feel. Each artist has a unique vibe that effects me on a personal level and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the special ways which these artists have had resonating effects in my life.

Music suggestion of the week: The Front Bottoms. They are an indie-folk-punk band I  started listening to this week. I found them on Spotify in the discovery section and really love the lead singers voice.  My favorite song by them called Twelve Feet Deep.






Extra credit

I came in to this class expecting to learn about social media but not quite sure what kind of information I’d be learning. I’ve come to love taking notes for this class and I find the readings to be really informative and useful. I think the different readings and links work well because they come from different sources and aren’t just one perspective or one side of the story. I’m learning so much in just this short time that it feels like I’ve fallen in love as oddly as that sounds. I think everything so far has worked well together and the readings set me up for success in discussion and real life. There had been a problem with communication but I understand that those were some issues due to technology which happens when we rely on it for such important things like communication. I find the class very informative and the tools very useful, I have no complaints thus far.

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