Me + Social Media = <3

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I’ve grown up on myspace, taking survey’s til 3 am, talking to fake celebrity profiles and learning that there is a world beyond the four walls of my room. This generation has become so reliant on social media, but in more ways than just our moms seeing us on our phones 24/7. It has become a way for us to escape in to the New Zealand landscape on Instagram, keep up with the cool uncle that lives in California, and meet new people who share the same love for Taylor Swift on Tumblr. Social media may have its flaws and consequences, but it has shown the world today just how powerful it.

Social media is not only valuable to me for these aspects, as I’ve grown, and through this class, I’ve come to understand more about what social media can really do for me. Through keeping up with events about Ferguson, to being alerted when there are job openings around town, social media has benefitted my life for the better. It has allow allowed for doors to open when it comes to networking. I think in my future a big part of my social media platform will be dedicated to networking and keeping in touch or supporting those whom I know and want to know. I believe it is important to keep contact and social media allows me to do that.

To be honest, I have no idea what career I want or where I will be going. One day I want to work at Pixar and the next I want to figure out how to incorporate social media with my studio art major. After this class, I’ve become really interested in social media and actual jobs relating to it, so it has changed my view and how I use social media to date. I do see myself furthering and creating a more professional brand for myself as well as taking more classes to help establish my brand. I always knew social media had some place in the business world, but I look forward to learning more about it, especially when it comes to tracking the success of your brand. I also want to learn more about how to create good content and use my knowledge to further my success.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words But Tweets Are Forever

ADMITThe world is becoming a place where it is easier to be heard, and social media plays a huge part in that. For instance, you could tweet something funny, someone could retweet it, and twelve thousand retweets later you feel like a comedian. This also works in ways like communicating with celebrities or getting ahold of that crush you had in Kindergarten. The point is, that what you say can and will be read. This is what makes the internet so dangerous if you do not think about the consequences of what you say.

I can relate to Winston Brooks. I tend to say things in person that just come out and I don’t realize how they could be perceived until I am begging for forgiveness. This is the fault in our society and in social media. Being in person, there a lot of factors to determine conversations. There is body language, tone, facial expressions, and what you say can’t be retweeted thousands of times. This problem can be easily avoided in social media with some of these tips and tricks:

  1. Always take in to consideration how your words could be perceived. It won’t hurt to ask a friend or colleague if what you are about to post may sound offensive or could be taken the wrong way.
  2. Remember who you are, and what could be on the line before you post something that may raise a few heads.
  3. It’s easy to get caught up in conversations, but sometimes it may be better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Jokes about people may seem harmless, but can be offensive to others who may not even be involved.
  4. Trolls are real. They will try to start arguments with you, try to twist your words, and may even say offensive things. The key is to ignore them. It’s not worth your time or hurting your image to shut these people up.
  5. People will do anything for drama. Twitter fights are one of the most common types of drama entertainment. It’s better to keep your subtweets to yourself.
  6. Subtweets are a whole other aspect of Twitter that may get you in trouble. If you don’t want to put an @ name, it’s probably better you don’t say it. People like to assume everything is about them and they may get you in to more trouble than you ask for.
  7. When in a professional position, it’s even harder to avoid judgment, so recognize that you won’t always get positive feedback and keep your head up. As long as you stick to your morals, you’re doing good.
  8. Spontaneous content may not always be the best content. Always THINK before your post anything, remember it never goes away.

There are many more ways to avoid damaging your personal and business image, overall, the best rule is to trust your gut, and if you can’t do that, you might not be cut out for the social media business.

Who Doesn’t Love Instagram?

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What is great about Instagram is the simplicity. We are in a day and age where technology is becoming more and more advance, along with the procedure to keep up with this technology. Instagram is, in my opinion, one of the easiest applications to use because everything is so simple. The concept is to take pictures, post pictures, and follow people whose pictures you would like to see.

In the blog How Instagram Makes Communities Better, by Christopher Ryan, it explains the underlying abilities of this simple application. The first point he made which caught my attention was how Instagram does not have a web page. The explanation is because we are so used to mobility these days, there is no use for an actual web page. I totally support this decision by this company because I think if people could upload pictures from their computer, you would lose the ‘Insta’ in Instagram. What I mean is that people would be more prone to use Photoshop, and whatever else they find on the internet and I just feel like it wouldn’t have the same feeling.

I also liked how Ryan really went in to depth with every aspect of Instagram. From the uses of captions to help tell the picture, to letting the picture speak for itself. Instagram is really taking small ‘instants’ of time and letting them live forever in this app. The aspect that creates better communities is the ability to share these instants. You can share whatever you upload on to many of your other social media platforms. This aspect of Instagram is important because business’ are able to weave that picture into their other social media sites to create more appealing content. I think this is important because the pictures a company posts on their Instagram seem to speak a lot about them. Some even do giveaways to people who repost a certain picture or post pictures wearing their brand/merch. I’ve recent won a Zox strap through one of these contests. I mention this because it proves a point.

People not only like to see new product, but they like to see the faces behind the product. They like to choose which pair of shoes should be dropped first, or which t-shirt design looks better. Instagram can add to almost any type of business as well. Being in graphic design, I have no idea what I want to do, but I feel like Instagram could be important because it allows people to see the business as people just like them. It adds a more relatable aspect depending on the content created through this app. I feel like there are so many possibilities, and this application is vital to a lot of business and business people.

Entrepreneur Apocalypse

shark tank

Shark Tank has become one of my favorite shows.

Not only do I love sharks (which have nothing to do with the show), but I’ve come to some types of self discovery through watching entrepreneurs put themselves out there in front of these sharks.

This show basically picks entrepreneurs to come in front of multimillionaire investors seeking investments from them in their business. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people whose ideas make you laugh out loud, but I’ve come to the discovery that even those who do not get an investment are still as successful as those who do. Let me justify this statement. To be an entrepreneur, is to basically create your own business or product, and to be responsible for the success and failure of this creation. The success I’ve seen through this show is that even when a product or business is not invested in, the entrepreneur never gives up. Some are so confident in their product/business to the point of fault.

I strive to take such pride and confidence in myself one day, to the point where I am able to be a successful entrepreneur with my own business. Whether that be in graphic design, or a different aspect of my life that I am passionate about. Being that my favorite animal is the shark, I strive become a shark in the ocean of life. I want people to be in awe when they see me and what I am capable of. Most importantly, I want to be able to pridefully take responsibility for my success and failures. I think the most important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur is taking pride and having confidence in your product, despite the criticism from others.

I have yet to see one entrepreneur that has been shot down easily by the sharks in this show. I find that to be inspiring. One day, I hope to be able to be as confident in my work as these people. Entrepreneurs are starting to take over the world, one creation or business at a time. I believe that it is one of the most powerful jobs to have because you are not only in control but also responsible for huge decisions regarding the business you have created. It’s something that you must not only work towards financially and intellectually, but you must be a strong person with a headstrong mentality. I’ve come to the conclusion that, although I have a lot to work on, I’m ready to learn how to swim with the sharks.

Is Creativity Really Creative These Days?

Right now creativity is a huge part of my studies. From creating art with paints to creating art with words, I basically bleed creativity. But what Chuck Kent has brought to my attention is the me-too in content creation in the blog post Creativity vs. Me-too Content Creation. What this is, is the stealing of a certain “formula” to forge creative content. A simple an easy example are memes. Although the actual meme may be witty and relate to the content of your business, it’s an unoriginal and uncreative fix to true creativity.

blog meme

In this post, he talks with writer Jason Konopinski about what creativity is and the current way it is being used in not only marketing, but in general. The statement from Konopinski that caught my attention most was “Marketers are a tricky lot. We really try to look at creativity and take the path of least resistance, try to replicate the success of others and how figure [that] out in terms of a formula – but that runs contrary to really what creativity is”. I’ve noticed more and more how trends have been used over and over just because they work. This may be great for a while but then becomes overplayed and annoying. This is where it basically where it has come from who can create the best content to who can do it better. Who can create the better meme, who can make the best copy of another piece of content.

It’s interesting how much creative content is taken from another. I too find myself in the same boat as everyone else trying to create creative content. The problem is that something so creative can be redone so much it becomes “another one of those memes” or “another one of those vine remakes”. No matter how creative an idea, it will always be a race to who can do it better. To be successful, you have to continuously be creating content that is different, instead of stealing other content ideas. I feel like being the content that is replicated is a goal, because it shows that what you’re creating is successful enough for others to replicate in order to be as successful as you. Fresh content will never go out of style as fast as over used, replicated, remakes of successful content.

My Name is Who? My Audience is What?

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Potential audiences want to interact with online are mostly bloggers who share my sense of humor, and who enjoy visually stimulating and interactive posts. I see myself posting not only business content but also relatable content or content I find funny.

It is important because I want to put a part of my personality in whatever audience I am talking to. I see my audience being closer to my age because of my humor and references I like to make.

This is important to my future because I want to create a brand for myself where I have defined who I am, what my goals are, and what I am capable of. My goals include to not only expand my personal brand, but to network and create relationships.

I would also like to interact with an audience that is able to give me feedback and allow me to learn from them. I want people who stumble upon my content to be able to relate as well. My main focus is for people to be able to relate to my content, and my main audience to take from my content.

It’s hard to imagine what my future will look like or if my targeted audience will narrow or expand but for right now my goals are to produce content that I am passionate about, and that I myself relate to. I want to be able to post my opinions, interests, and comments on other content and have my audience find it interesting and or helpful. The reason I say that I want to connect with an audience around my age is because I tend to reference popular trends, people, and what’s new. No offense to my elders but most of them have no idea what Tumblr is, and that’s a huge part of my personal brand right now. Overall, I would say my goal is to interact with others who have the same goals, while slowly learning how to build my own brand. I’m quite new to these social media scene but I feel well prepared to start in the right direction.


All of my life I’ve gone by the name Rii, short for Rianna, yes like the singer. I’ve also been told what a unique and creative name that is.

Like my name, I tend to be super creative in one way or another. I also blame my creativity on the fact that my room is more of an art piece rather than a clean sanctuary. I mean all I do is sleep and watch Netflix in there anways?

Creativity This concept is not only relevant to my future, but me as a person. Everything I do is geared toward who I am, and I am a creative person. I’ve come to notice the differences between how more creative people see the world and less creative people see the world. Even in little things, it stands out. My roommate might not understand why I stress about the littlest details in my drawing when it looks “fine” or why an idea isn’t just good enough. I’ve also observed that creativity sets an observational spark. I see the concept of art in almost everything I do, from helping my Nina load boxes in to a U-Haul to placing foods on the table for dinner. It’s basically a concept I carry throughout my every day life.

I found a blog post that basically embodies the life in a creative persons shoes. It’s humorous, yet true. I continually find myself daydreaming, loving and hating my art work at the same time, observing the strangest things, and falling in love with things and people every day. Creativity can be linked to every part of who I am.

It is also important to my future because I need to be able to express my creativity in work I do. I can’t see myself sitting in an office typing up legal documents or arresting people on the street. I see myself being able to express my creativity whenever it strikes, being able to fit daydreaming in to my busy work schedule, and being surrounded by people who have the same goals as I do. It’s also important because my goals involve my creativity. Graphic design and social media both involve creativity in different ways, and if I don’t end up in one of those fields, I know I will end up using my creativity in another way.